Adaptations by Amari

Catherine does seem to want a treatment for David’s autism because being with him around other people makes her feel embarrassed. She wants a pill to make him, “Normal” on page 8, Catherine says “Sometimes I wish someone would invent a pill so David’d wake up one morning without autism” Catherine makes assumptions as to how people see David. On page 63 David gets scared of a bee and shrieked, and Catherine wants just to hide behind the fence because she was embarrassed by how he was acting. So she makes an excuse to stop talking to her new neighbor’s mom. People are worried about having to adapt to people with abilities, which Catherine has already done. Page 48, “HI, JASON” his speech therapist thinks he has hearing problems, but the only problem is his speech. So she is really loud. Catherine is bothered by his autism but has grown accustomed to it, but she makes assumptions as to what other people think.