Where I Am From… by Melanie G.

I’m from wide open spaces,
And green fields,
Where the horses graze in the sun set.

I’m from jumping fences,
Training dogs,
And showing chickens.

I’m from riding horses,
To knocking barrels,
To winning races.

I’m from a family business,
Fabrics and Sewing Machines,
And classes all the time.

I’m from injured horses and new horses,
Young and Old.
Where my home is so are my animals.

I’m from Omelets on Easter,
Turkey on Christmas Eve,
And Pancakes on Christmas Morning.

I’m from family cruises,
Where we go to the beach,
And swim with the dolphins.

I’m from a family that takes care of each other,
And there isn’t another place I would rather be.


Where I Am From… Sean B.

I’m from a small neighborhood ,
full of old people,
Who are all my family.

I’m from soccer,
from learning to playing,
Trips to games,
And competitions.

I’m from childhood,
From bruises and scrapes,
From the time I hit my head,
To getting stitches.

I’m from my father’s broken leg
That he sacrificed to save someone’s life

I’m from my books,
Engrossed in stories,
From fiction to mystery,
They all entertain me.

I’m from computers,
From fixing things, especially helping other people

I’m from my family’s treasures,
From my baby shoes,
To the first tooth that I lost.

I’m from a family who I care about
And who cares about me.

Where I Am From… by Caitlin A.

I’m from spending time with my family,
huddled around the living room and talking.
Lively dinners with a spark of humor, and
furry friends wagging their tails,
begging for attention.

I’m from spending my summers in Florida,
walking on the beach, and
making memories with my family.

I’m from reading books and getting lost in another world,
Expressing myself on paper, and from the quote
“shop until you drop.”

I’m from saying thanks on Thanksgiving,
giving and receiving gifts on Hannukkah, and
celebrating the new year.

Where I Am From… by Emma B.

I am from carpools and sleepovers
From doing homework after school
Where friends are like family
Where I play volleyball and have fun

I am from family dinners
From “How was your day” conversations
I am from shopping with my Mom and
Watching baseball with my Dad
I am from my brother driving me school
And saying “Hi” to me at lunch

I am from dance and hard work
From walking with my feet turned out
And fancy French words
From listening to classical music on a daily basis

I am from a pencil and paper
From being different than everybody else
I am from crazy friends and a normal family
From prank calls and homework

I am from a house with white walls
From an old taste in music
I am from diversity

Where I Am From… by Gracie B.

I’m from endless laughter.
From long lasting arguments, and
Never giving up.

I’m from his never ending grace,
And long Sunday mornings with
A sweet treat ending.

I’m from learning how to ride a bike.
From hazy memories of goodnight moon,
And voices all singing about the greater good.

I’m from rolling mountains.
From tubing until your fingers go stiff, and
Chateauguay Lake where the canoes roam wild and free.

I’m from the tap tap tapping of feet all in line.
From endless night of rehearsal, and
The sky high feeling of applause,
Looking back and seeing what you’ve done.

I’m from corn on the cob to take out Chinese food.
From start from scratch pancakes and brownies,
and there ain’t nothin’ like a good grouper sandwich.

I’m from home where the loving memories
never grow old.