The Transformations by Noah

Throughout the book, the main characters, Monkey King (a fearless warrior who is a deity to flower fruit mountain and is master at Kung-Fu.) and Jin( A boy born in San Francisco who is ashamed of his Chinese heritage. So he does everything he can to be an all American boy so he can “fit in” with his friends from school.) But they learn that finding who they really are is more important than what they want to be in life. Here are ways that these 3 characters have changed.

Jin was ashamed of his Chinese heritage and figured out throughout his elementary years he wouldn’t make many friends. So Jin decided to perm his hair. The reason why he permed his hair is so he can be like a popular boy in his grade named Greg. It would also make him look like more of an American boy. But Jin later learns by the Monkey King that he should be proud of who he really is and needs to accept himself for who he is.

The Monkey King went to a dinner party, but he wouldn’t get let in because he was a monkey. So over time, he studies the ways of Kung-Fu and learns to shape shift into anything he wants. He uses that power to help others. But he learns his lesson by Tze Yo Tzuh. He realizes that he needs to use his powers for good. He transforms into the character Ckin-Kee in order to help Jin find who he really is.

All in all, these characters have to go through a lot throughout the story. The way they change can really impact the reader. It teaches the lesson of who you are is the best form of you. Because it’s what makes you, you.


Should Adults Ban Books in Middle Schools? by Noah

There are many reasons why books should be banned, but the main reason is books being too realistic. One reason why books can be banned is because there is too much violence throughout the book. One example of a book that was banned is called Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story from Afghanistan. This book shows vivid actions of violence and many other ways it was banned. Another example of a book that was banned for violence is called Fun Home. Just like Nasreen’s Secret School, this was to, banned for violence and contained graphic images. Another reason books can be banned is because of too much romance or sexual content, such as nudity, homosexuality, etc. One book that was banned for too much romance and sexual content is Fifty Shades of Grey. This book has too much sexual content, offensive language, and unsuited for certain age groups. Another book that was banned is called Two Boys Kissing. This book was banned due to the promotion of homosexuality. The last reason that I chose was on religious viewpoint. One example of a book being banned for religious viewpoint is The Holy Bible. Being a Christian, I don’t know why it was banned, but I can see why it was for other people who have different religious beliefs. Another example of a banned book is Beyond Magenta. There are other reasons why it was banned, but religious viewpoint was one of them. In conclusion, I don’t know why these books would be sold to middle schools or somewhere someone in middle school can find the copy. Sure kids break the rules, but it’s unwise to do so.

How People Judge Others With Autism by Noah

In Cynthia Lord‘s book Rules, many characters’ views represent how people judge others with autism in the real world. One way the characters represent stereotypes is that they can’t function mentally. On pg. 23, the speech therapist treats David and Jason like they are “stupid” and can’t function mentally. When Gracey Bourne talked about her brother Mac, she mentioned how people would treat him in therapy like he is “stupid”, but really people with autism are quite intelligent. Another way people judge people with autism is based on their behaviors. In the book, David goes to the video store with Catherine and her father. While being at the video store, David looks at the back of other people’s DVDs to see the rating and the eligible age to watch a movie. People give David and his family weird looks and wonder why he is acting this way. David later starts squealing in the store because he had to be somewhere at 5:00. Again, people give David and the family weird looks and wonder why David is screaming in a store. People often make the assumption that people who are non-verbal think they don’t care because they can’t talk. In the book, there is a character named Jason who is non-verbal and can’t walk. So he has to sit in a wheelchair. Jason also has autism like David. During the speech therapy, Catherine starts drawing Jason assuming he doesn’t mind. Then Jason’s mother tells Catherine just because Jason can’t speak, doesn’t mean he doesn’t mind. When I read Movement, I was surprised about the main character, Hannah’s, behavior. Even though Hannah is non-verbal, she still acts like someone who doesn’t have autism. In conclusion, people shouldn’t judge other people with autism or people with mental disabilities in general. In fact try to be friends with them, your life might change.