Transforming Differences By Leah *Spoiler Alert*

“It’s easy to become anything you wish, so long as you’re willing to forfeit your soul.” In this quote from American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang, he is telling us that it’s not worth losing what you love for something that you want to be like in the book when Jin turns into an all American boy overnight and changes into Danny (pg. 194-198). When you work for something, it does usually mean you get something in return. Believing in that isn’t wrong, it’s just what you want to believe in, and everyone has different beliefs. Others would give up their soul for what they love. The other characters in the story return to their true form by sticking with what’s right. Wei-Chen had thoughts about his true form. The Monkey King came back to his true form after he talked to Wong Lai-Tsao. In the beginning, it’s about a toy that Jin loved to play with, a Transformer. Throughout the book the characters are “transforming”. Monkey King transformed from Chin-Kee into “The Monkey King, Emissary of Tze-Yo-Tzuh”. Jin transformed into what he’s always wanted to be, a Caucasian boy, and back to himself. Wei-Chen transformed into a human from a monkey. At the end of the book, all the characters learned to change for the better.


American Born Chinese, page 194


Reasons Not To Ban Books By Leah

Banning books will hurt so many people for all different types of reasons. One reason, books shouldn’t be ban for education. Banning books tells us we can’t learn because, there are so many lessons in books. In schools, teachers teach from books, so how are they going to after that. Another reason, is entertainment in books. So many people find entertainment and amusement and it would be terrible to take that away from them. A lot of times books are all people have for entertainment. Lastly, parents don’t have control of what other people read. They only have control of what their kids read. When parents put a limit on what their kids can read, it’s good but not putting a limit to others that may like that kind of book. There is a myth that kids will do what they see or read but, that’s not true in all cases. Everyone will change if there aren’t many books around.

Physical vs Mental Differences By Leah

Even though people are often hard on individuals with differences, they are usually harder on those with mental differences than they are on those with physical differences. For example, people are often hard on those with physical differences, but they can be really hard on those with mental differences.  They can’t usually see mental differences, so they don’t really understand them. In the book Rules, by Cynthia Lord, there is a boy named Jason who is both physically and mentally different. On page 20, there is a quote that really stunned me when I read it. It said “Jason’s jaw is a little crooked, not as perfect as I drew. But if I draw how it really is, it might look like I made a mistake. In the presentation that Grace Bourne did she said her brother, Mac, is non-verbal and he can’t go to a regular school he needs to go to a school for special needs. Another example, mental differences you can’t see so it’s hard to know if they have it or not. In the book, Ryan teases David with an empty gum wrapper. When that happens I feel so bad because David did nothing wrong. Picking on someone with mental differences can mean a lot to that person even if it means nothing to the other. Finally, People with any differences should be treated the same as any person without it. I personally don’t think it’s fair to treat people so harshly especially people with differences. All people should be treated the same way with or without differences. Some people treated David poorly and I thought it wasn’t right. Just because someone has differences doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings about things.