Giving Up Your Soul by Elliot

In Gene Luen Yang‘s book American Born Chinese, the main character Jin, meets the Herbalist’s wife at the beginning of book and she says “It’s easy to become anything you wish, so long as you’re willing to forfeit your soul”. This quote means that you can be anything you want as long as you give up who you really are. It’s not necessarily wrong to change who you are because it helps you discover who you really are. In the book, the first character we meet, Monkey King, learns a lesson about finding yourself because he changed to try to be a god. Monkey King learned that he who he was after the monk, Wong Lai-Tsao, saves him from a mountain of rock by telling him to just be who he is. Monkey King accepts who he really was and then went on to be an emissary to Tze-Yo-Tzuh. Jin gave up everything, including his real friends, just to become popular. Jin tried to run away from the person he really was by changing into a white boy, in doing this Jin left his true friend, Wei-Chen, behind. Once he was white, Jin kept switching schools because he couldn’t accept his Asian heritage. American Born Chinese is a book all about change and this quote helps portray what the whole book is about.image


The Problem with Banning Books by Elliot

People banning books is a problem in society. The first reason they shouldn’t be banned, is because it goes against the first amendment. It goes against the authors freedom of speech. It can also go against the freedom of the press saying that certain issues can’t be talked about. The second reason they shouldn’t be banned, is because it is self-centered. Banning books affects more people than just the person who bans it, it stops other people who may want to read that book. Other people have intellectual freedom, so they can read about whatever they choose. The third reason, is because it stops certain issues from being talked about. People ban books because they talk about controversial subjects they might not agree with. It can stop some people from learning about problems going on in society. Overall, banning books is wrong and if you don’t like certain books you can just ignore them.

The Realistic Relationship of Rules by Elliot

In Cynthia Lord’s novel Rules, Catherine’s relationship with David is a typical relationship between siblings with autism. Firstly, Catherine has to watch over David. The reason this is because Catherine is seen watching over David and babysitting him throughout the book. This similar to when Gracie Bourne said that she watches over Mac and goes to his doctor’s appointments. Another reason their relationship is typical is because Catherine is defensive of people with autism. In the book, Catherine defends David when people tease him. This is similar to how Rosie King is defensive for when people try to generalize people with autism. The last reason is their relationship is typical is because Catherine feels sometimes that she doesn’t get as much attention. During the book she sees David get more attention with him getting to go where he wants to and given things while Catherine doesn’t get what she wants. This is similar to how in real life Gracie Bourne said she felt the same but it didn’t bother her as much. That is why the relationship between Catherine and David is very similar to real relationship between siblings where one has autism.