Changing The Unchangeable by Amari

Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese talks about people that try to fit into a world that is not very nice to them. The author creates three stories that seem quite different, but in reality, they are all similar in the way they all have the same goal, to be accepted, or try to “Fit in” The monkey king tried to get into a dinner party that only gods and deities were allowed to go to. Under the idea that he was considered a deity by the gods, he went to the party but was not allowed in because he is just a monkey to them. He wanted to be a deity, as he always called himself after the event “The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven” The monkey king wanted to change what he couldn’t change, what he was. All of the human gods and deities all saw him as just a monkey, an insignificant animal who has no power. And The monkey king wanted to change that by showing his power, but that only resulted in him being trapped for 500 years. Until he met Wong Lai-Tsao, and he learned to accept himself and helped him.




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