Is true form the only form? by Malik


American Born Chinese, page 213

Can you change for the better or only for the worst? And if you change can you change back? Change is imperative to developing yourself as a person and figuring out what works out for yourself. Overall American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang is about figuring out that your true form is your only form. Characters in American Born Chinese experience a change like Jin and Wei-Chen. Jin goes through the transformation of his hair, which he permed, his overall confidence, and he is more sure of himself. For example, on page 188 when he kisses Susy, Wei-Chin’s girlfriend, he has sudden bolts of confidence that change his actions. Also, he feels no remorse, which relates to him being more sure of himself and him believing in himself, which he states on page 192. Next, Wei-Chin modifies himself by his appearance because at first he looked more like a nerd now he looks more like a bad boy even though he has the same personality for the most part (you can see his new look on page 229). Even when Jin tried to change to Danny he couldn’t stay him forever because that wasn’t who he was and that’s why the Monkey King changed him back, just like the monkey changed back to his monkey form because that’s when he was at his best. The Monkey King believes that true form is the only form, I have experienced the feeling of trying to adjust. Since I was a little kid I was constantly altering myself for other peoples liking but deep down I always thought change wasn’t needed. Now, at the beginning of 8th grade I have figured out that I was always bound to change and changing is for the better because if you don’t change how are you supposed to develop as a person? Everyone changes for the better or for the worse, change is inevitable.


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