Changes of the Monkey King by Sasha

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In this book American Born Chinese , by Gene Luen Yang, there are three main characters.  Each have their own stories.  Jin is a Chinese American who wants to be the “All American Boy,” with blonde hair and blue eyes.  The second character is Chinkee, who is from China and visits his American cousin Danny every year.  When he comes he always messes things up for Danny and is over stereotyped.  The other character is the Monkey King.  He refuses to be called a monkey.  All of these characters try to find their true identity throughout the book. To find your true identity you have through go through some changes.  Change is good.  Change is healthy.  Without it you will always be the same person.  Maybe that person isn’t you, but you don’t know that because you haven’t gone through change.  All the characters had dramatic changes from just their looks all the way to their personality. One of the characters, the Monkey King changed in a numerous amount of ways.  For example, on page 15, after the monkey king was embarrassed he went into hiding.  While he was in hiding he was changing into somebody different.  On page 56 he trained nonstop so that he could become immortal and invincible.  And so on page 59 he came out of hiding and announced that he was not the monkey king anymore and was to be called “The Great Sage Equal of Heaven.”  He changed because he never wanted to be embarrassed again and wanted everyone to respect him.


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