Why To Not Ban Books by Nathan

Books should not be banned from middle schools. Banning a book in one specific area is not very effective. If a school bans a book, kids can order it, get it at a library, or buy it elsewhere and read it any ways. Some kids think they need to break the rules would read the book on their own time just because it was banned, which would be the exact opposite of the overall goal of banning the book. The darker books can teach kids about the real world and the impact events have on people. The world can be a dark place sometimes. But on the news when they show war or other sad stories, they do not heavily censor the footage or picture. Books do something that can help kids grow as a person. They put the reader in the position of the protagonist and you can feel the emotion of that character. Why censor books that depict things kids will see later when their parents are watching the news? If kids grow up to be police, doctors, or other jobs where there is a possibility of working on a gory scenario, kids will not be as prepared for seeing bodies and blood. It is bad in more ways than just the idea of banning a book. Also, banning books is bad publicity for the school, book store, or library. It will get spread all around social media and possibly get on the media. This will anger a lot of people. News of the banning will cause unnecessary controversy.  The idea of a democracy was created so people live freely and are not limited. Banning books goes against that. I understand that with younger kids some books should not be read by them. By middle school kids understand more and they can handle more books that may be more mature.



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