Should parents ban books for all? by Malik

Parents should be able to ban books but only for their kids because certain kids have certain circumstances. Some kids don’t have a lot and have seen probably really bad things depending on where they live so their parents won’t need to ban books for them because they’ve already experienced reality at such a young age. Now with privileged kids who have money, everything they want, and overprotective parents, certain books do need to be banned for them so they won’t be scarred or won’t see something they aren’t used to in the first place. Another circumstance is that parents know that their kids are scared of the world, to begin with so they might ban anything that seems ‘’over the top’’. Lastly, parents can only ban books for their children because you can’t deprive kids of what they want to learn about or because their parents want them to see what’s going on in the world. In conclusion, I believe that parents can only ban books for their kids because you can’t take away what the kids want to learn or read or what the parents want the kids to learn.


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