Middle School View on Banned Books By Elizabeth

Adults think if they ban a book that is for the better of their children, in reality every book was published with a purpose and everybody deserves the opportunity to read it. This paragraph is directed towards middle school. We are old enough to read young adult books. This is the time in our life where we need to start making independent choices. We don’t need adults telling us what we can and can’t read. If we make a mistake by reading a book, it’ll be our fault and we can learn from our mistakes. Adults cannot shield us form the world. Kids aren’t stupid, just because we read something doesn’t mean we will go out and do it. Anybody in this world can find a problem with anything. Maybe the focus should be on censoring television, or what celebrities can put onto social media. By banning a book, it will drive kids to want to read it more. Although some adults don’t like it, the world is pushing our generation to grow up faster. Therefore, we feel it’s acceptable to read about more mature things at a younger age. Adults may not like it, but they need to keep moving with the time and not stay stuck in their ways. Students should be able to read what they would like to without an adult intervening. Maybe people are focusing too much on the bad instead of the good of what books teach us. Reading can take you to a whole new world. It teaches us empathy, life lessons, and relationships. Don’t let over concerned adults take that away from us.



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