Don’t ban books for everybody By: Graham

Books should not banned for everybody. I think there are some books that should be banned for eighth graders. For example, Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time has lots of inappropriate language and swear words, and also has a little bit of Violence. Also, in To Kill a Mockingbird, there is lots of inappropriate language, some Violence (which you would think so because of the title), and a bit of racism. I think it is not fair to ban books for everybody, but just not allow kids and young teenagers to read them. Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time, and To Kill a Mockingbird may be inappropriate for some readers, but there are really good context and detail in those two books. Because it is to inappropriate, people are banning these books, and I do not think it is fair because countries are banning them for everybody, not just children and teenagers. Lastly, there are books that shouldn’t be banned; just certain people should not read it. For example, The Holy Bible is meant for people who believe in Jesus Christ, but The Bible is being sold at libraries. I do not think people should ban or put the Bible in Libraries, because the Bible is meant to teach people who believe in Jesus, who Jesus and God were, and teaches you more about your beliefs. But if there are people don’t believe in Jesus, don’t protest to ban the Bible, just don’t read it. In conclusion, I think that books should not be banned, inappropriate books should not allowed to be read by anybody at a certain age, and books should not be a read, by people that don’t want to read. The main purpose of this is, just because you don’t like a book, and you do not approve of it, doesn’t mean you should ruin it for others. 


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