Banning Books Is Bad by Sasha

Books should not be banned in schools.  Parents can have the right to not let their own children read books but they shouldn’t be able to take them away from schools because they aren’t the parents of other children.  Also if the parents tell their kids to not read that book because there is something bad in the book.  The child is going to want to find out what is so bad even more.  Now a day we have something called the internet that can expose you to anything.  So if parents don’t want their kids to find something out that’s going happen in life or something that happened in life like a war then they can still find it out on the internet. Another reason to not ban books is, books often have life lessons in them. Some reasons, are if you ban books then your children could not be learning some life lessons because books can teach them that.  They are eventually going to figure it out on their own and it might be better for them to see it in a book to know what’s going to happen than being surprised by it in the real life and make a big mistake. Every book is different.  Since they are all different you could be banning your children from reading about different cultures and opening them up to different cultures and different people just like the real world. Books are knowledge and a well-rounded individual needs to learn.  And books can teach you a lot of what you have to learn.  By reading books it opens you up to different worlds you would have never thought of existed.  In conclusion, I don’t think banning books from children is right.


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