Banning Books in Middle School By: Elsie

People should not be able to ban books, in middle school, because of inappropriate things or language. Children should have a voice in what they are allowed to read and if they have a good enough reason to read it their parents should let them. Parents should not be allowed to ban books because whoever you are banning the book from is not always going to be your child. You can’t always keep your kids from all the bad things in the world and some books just stress the truth. Something that people think is “monkey see, monkey do.” That statement is not always true for people. Every child is different and has their own opinion on everything, and some teenagers take things literally or non-literal. Fiction books are usually very exaggerated and are not telling the truth about that subject. In books about high school it sometimes says that there is that group of popular kids who are mean to everyone. In reality that’s not what school is really about at all. Every book has an inspirational theme usually and can teach people a life lesson. Also, you can’t keep you children from learning about bad things that happen in the world. In conclusion people should not be able to ban books from middle schools.


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