The Minds of People with Autism by Sasha

Although people with autism like Jason and David tend to think differently than people without autism. It doesn’t mean that they live a less important life.  One of the characteristics that I saw David and Mac have, is repetition.  In Cynthia Lord’s novel “Rules,” David replayed the same movie over and over and over again. For example, David’s movie that he replayed is a movie about some trains.  An example of that is on page 77, and it says, “David stands at the T.V., remote in his hand.  He loves rewinding the trains backward up the tracks and speeding them ahead to almost crashing, over and over.” During Grace Bourne’s presentation she talked about how her brother Mac had a lot of repetition also.  Mac watches the same movie over and over just like David.  But Mac also has too eat the same breakfast every day.  He likes a waffle with syrup on the side and a piece of sausage.  Grace said that if they run out of sausage one day, then it’s almost impossible to get him to eat anything else.  Another reason is, people with autism need to be reminded of rules every once in a while.  These rules are life rules.  Most of them are simple to people without autism who just pick it up like common sense.  But people with autism have trouble getting these “rules” in their head.  An example of this is when every chapter is a new rule, and on page 10 and 11 Catherine wrote David some rules.  Some of them were, “You can yell on a playground, but not during dinner. A boy can take off his shirt to swim, but not his pants. It’s fine to hug mom, but not the clerk at the video store.” There are many more but those were just a few.  Another example is about Mac.  Grace was talking about how she has to remind Mac of rules also.  For example, one of the rules is, “close the door when you go to the bathroom.”  For people without autism that would just come naturally, but for people like Mac and David it doesn’t.  People with autism have different affinity’s which means they like different stuff, or like Rosie King, she’s very creative.   In Rosie King’s ted talk that we watched, she said that she is very creative and has a wild imagination.  She said that she takes this to her advantage.  For example, if there is something boring she imagines something else to make it more fun.

Another connection is movement written by Nancy Fulda. Hannah was non-verbal so it was very hard for her to talk.  Her parents wanted to do an operation on her so that she would talk, but Hannah didn’t want that.  To tell her parents she didn’t want it almost took two weeks. She told them she didn’t want new dance shoes because Hannah’s mom also wanted to get her new dance shoes. But she was referring to the dance shoes as the operation. In conclusion everyone is different and everyone should be treated with respect.  They should also be treated kindly.  And just because people can be different from you it doesn’t mean they should be treated with less respect or she be made fun of.











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