Reading can Change Your Thoughts on Autism

Reading fictional books such as Rules by Cynthia Lord help people better understand people with Autism. One reason is the perspective of who is telling the story. I believe people seeing the story through the eyes of Catherine can make the story easier to relate to than anyone else. The beginning is a good way to ease more ignorant people into the idea of Autism. They can relate to Catherine as she talks bad about David and talks about her dislikes. Catherine is the best person to tell the story. Readers watch her understand Autism better and accept those with Autism for who they are. Secondly, the reader sees multiple forms of Autism and how they act around people who do not have Autism. The book has Jason in the story. He is nonverbal and helps readers explore other forms of it. You see Catherine notice how he is not hyperactive and that he does care about discrimination against him.  The character David represents the stereotype of Autism because he is hyperactive. He tries to be calm and you understand that he cannot help it. Another perspective is the parents. The author shows reader the strain and sacrifice to take care of David. Just like Catherine, they love him, but you see the impact of having an Autistic child.  The mother moves from her office in the city to having a home office for her business to take care of David. The father gets David upset by being late. David likes having a consistent schedule. He also has to take him to the video store. Cynthia Lord does an excellent job at representing all forms of Autism in a manner that shows they are not, as the internet said, “Demons,” found out by Rosie King. This shows people that Autistic children are still people too.


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