Don’t stereotype by Graham

It is not right to Stereotype Autism. However, some people do it. The first example would be people like Ryan in Book Rules, who just choose to Bully people with Autism. On Page 30 in Rules, Ryan made fun of David on the school bus, and said he’d steal David’s umbrella if he let go of it. Even though David thought it was funny, Catherine didn’t think so and yelled at Ryan. Ryan then got both Catherine and David in trouble, and they had to move. On Page 107, Catherine was talking to Kristi, and Ryan tricked David with a piece of gum making a joke of it, and making him jump to get it. Once David had a chance to get it, Ryan dropped the gum on the floor and Catherine made him leave. Even though David considers Ryan as a friend, Ryan still pulls jokes on David and Catherine, and makes fun of David’s Autism. The second example would be people who don’t bully people with Autism but still treat them like their dumb, and are babies. On Page 23, Jason’s speech therapist yells at him, and babies him even more when he can’t respond. Jason did not have enough cards to respond and show his feelings. From Pages 48 on, Catherine was giving Jason more cards, and he was able to say how he felt about his therapist, and he was able to say things like “Stupid. Speech. Woman.” and “Stinks a big one.” Even though the book did not tell the readers about the Speech therapist in the end, it would be annoying to Jason (who is 15 years old) for a Speech therapist to treat him like that. The third example would be people who have siblings with Autism who just want the disorder to go away. On Page 8, Catherine talks about how she wishes there was a pill to cure autism, so she wishes David didn’t have Autism. Also Catherine gets embarrased whenever David is around because he always embarrases her everywhere they go. On Page 182, when Catherine tells David “When someone is upset its not a good time to bring up you own problems.” That tells David that Catherine is upset, and that she’s crossed the line with him. It may seem a little bit selfish of Catherine to always wish David wasn’t around and to wish there was a pill to cure autism. But it’s not David’s fault it’s just how he is. In conclusion, all these reasons show how people stereotype autism. It shows why it’s wrong to bully people (in general everybody) with autism and any other disorder, why you shouldn’t baby people with disorders particularly Autism.


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