Brother vs. Friend by Malik

Cynthia Lord’s novel Rules: I believe that Catherine treats David differently than Jason and she thinks David is embarrassing because on page 8 she says she hopes someone would invent a pill so David would wake up one morning without autism. She also doesn’t like taking care of David and she doesn’t want him to be involved in things to embarrass her, this is being shown on page 83 when she tells mom that she is done taking care of David when Kristi is over and that Is because she doesn’t want him to ruin her reputation. Also, Page 59 Catherine’s mom suggests that they have a barbeque and invite the neighbors but then Catherine says what about David, he forgets about the rule with chewing with his mouth so basically she I worried about her reputation and she thinks it’s going to be faulted because of David. I believe that Catherine shows more interest in Jason than she does in Jason because whenever she does an activity with David she doesn’t try to enjoy it or when he needs her to help him, she doesn’t show any emotion or affection but when Jason wants to do something with her she enjoys every moment of it, like when she takes him on a walk she enjoys every moment of it. Lastly, she cares more about Jason’s feelings more than David’s because she tries to make Jason understand her. In conclusion Catherine treats Jason better than David .



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