American Born Chinese Six Word Character Memoirs


Change isn’t as easy as told. By Amari

500 years of rock, I’m alive. By Sasha

Have I really changed that much? By Matthew

500 years with no kung-fu. By Noah

I was being someone I wasn’t. By Shannon

She finally changed me. For good? By Leah

Dogs and cats aren’t my taste. By Elizabeth

It is hard to fit in. By Brendan

My kingdom and I are humans. By Nathan

Practice is the only key to success. By Graham

I am finally a real transformer.  By Gracey

There is nobody greater than me. By Elliot

True form is the only form. By Malik

All the monkeys must wear shoes. By Zach

Does my skin color really matter? By Elsie


Reasons Banning Books Can Be Harmful by Shannon

Adults should not be allowed to ban books from middle school libraries. This prevents kids from learning about different topics and being exposed to new things. If kids are not able to access this information, they can grow up to be prejudice and exclusive. They might also learn to be afraid of people and things that are different. Also, banning books could prevent these students from being able to explore their identity and other aspects of themselves. Without this discovery, these kids can learn to be ashamed of themselves and deny who they are. Adults should not be allowed to determine what these kids can or can’t have access to. They are able to filter the books that their children read, but should not have the ability to limit other kids. That is the responsibility of the individual children’s parents. In conclusion, middle school children should not be limited by close-minded adults.

Why To Not Ban Books by Nathan

Books should not be banned from middle schools. Banning a book in one specific area is not very effective. If a school bans a book, kids can order it, get it at a library, or buy it elsewhere and read it any ways. Some kids think they need to break the rules would read the book on their own time just because it was banned, which would be the exact opposite of the overall goal of banning the book. The darker books can teach kids about the real world and the impact events have on people. The world can be a dark place sometimes. But on the news when they show war or other sad stories, they do not heavily censor the footage or picture. Books do something that can help kids grow as a person. They put the reader in the position of the protagonist and you can feel the emotion of that character. Why censor books that depict things kids will see later when their parents are watching the news? If kids grow up to be police, doctors, or other jobs where there is a possibility of working on a gory scenario, kids will not be as prepared for seeing bodies and blood. It is bad in more ways than just the idea of banning a book. Also, banning books is bad publicity for the school, book store, or library. It will get spread all around social media and possibly get on the media. This will anger a lot of people. News of the banning will cause unnecessary controversy.  The idea of a democracy was created so people live freely and are not limited. Banning books goes against that. I understand that with younger kids some books should not be read by them. By middle school kids understand more and they can handle more books that may be more mature.


What They Want, but Not What You Need: By Amari

Some lessons can only be taught by people with experience on the subject. Such as lessons on how the brain works, which can mostly only be taught by a person with personal experiences. Lots of parents try to teach things that they can’t, but many books can. Parents try to shelter their children. Being a parent involves loving and protecting your child, even against their will. But what they don’t always know is that you can’t shelter them. Parents tend to underestimate kids in the middle school age, but they also don’t want them growing too fast. In conclusion, most parents want their kids to read books that they will understand, but not help them learn.

Should Adults Ban Books in Middle Schools? by Noah

There are many reasons why books should be banned, but the main reason is books being too realistic. One reason why books can be banned is because there is too much violence throughout the book. One example of a book that was banned is called Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story from Afghanistan. This book shows vivid actions of violence and many other ways it was banned. Another example of a book that was banned for violence is called Fun Home. Just like Nasreen’s Secret School, this was to, banned for violence and contained graphic images. Another reason books can be banned is because of too much romance or sexual content, such as nudity, homosexuality, etc. One book that was banned for too much romance and sexual content is Fifty Shades of Grey. This book has too much sexual content, offensive language, and unsuited for certain age groups. Another book that was banned is called Two Boys Kissing. This book was banned due to the promotion of homosexuality. The last reason that I chose was on religious viewpoint. One example of a book being banned for religious viewpoint is The Holy Bible. Being a Christian, I don’t know why it was banned, but I can see why it was for other people who have different religious beliefs. Another example of a banned book is Beyond Magenta. There are other reasons why it was banned, but religious viewpoint was one of them. In conclusion, I don’t know why these books would be sold to middle schools or somewhere someone in middle school can find the copy. Sure kids break the rules, but it’s unwise to do so.

Reasons Not To Ban Books By Leah

Banning books will hurt so many people for all different types of reasons. One reason, books shouldn’t be ban for education. Banning books tells us we can’t learn because, there are so many lessons in books. In schools, teachers teach from books, so how are they going to after that. Another reason, is entertainment in books. So many people find entertainment and amusement and it would be terrible to take that away from them. A lot of times books are all people have for entertainment. Lastly, parents don’t have control of what other people read. They only have control of what their kids read. When parents put a limit on what their kids can read, it’s good but not putting a limit to others that may like that kind of book. There is a myth that kids will do what they see or read but, that’s not true in all cases. Everyone will change if there aren’t many books around.

Banning Books Is Bad by Sasha

Books should not be banned in schools.  Parents can have the right to not let their own children read books but they shouldn’t be able to take them away from schools because they aren’t the parents of other children.  Also if the parents tell their kids to not read that book because there is something bad in the book.  The child is going to want to find out what is so bad even more.  Now a day we have something called the internet that can expose you to anything.  So if parents don’t want their kids to find something out that’s going happen in life or something that happened in life like a war then they can still find it out on the internet. Another reason to not ban books is, books often have life lessons in them. Some reasons, are if you ban books then your children could not be learning some life lessons because books can teach them that.  They are eventually going to figure it out on their own and it might be better for them to see it in a book to know what’s going to happen than being surprised by it in the real life and make a big mistake. Every book is different.  Since they are all different you could be banning your children from reading about different cultures and opening them up to different cultures and different people just like the real world. Books are knowledge and a well-rounded individual needs to learn.  And books can teach you a lot of what you have to learn.  By reading books it opens you up to different worlds you would have never thought of existed.  In conclusion, I don’t think banning books from children is right.