Siblings vs. Friends with Disabilities By: Elsie

Treating a sibling with a disability is different than the way you treat a friend with a disability. Catherine treats Jason and David differently in the book Rules, written by Cynthia Lord. (Pg. 27/28 ) The end of page 27 and page 28 shows the difference of how Catherine treats David and Jason. This is also the first time Catherine has interacted with Jason though. ( Pg. 33) There are many ways in which Catherine treats David compared to the way she treats Jason, she actually has fun with Jason and David seems almost like a job to her. (Pg. 46/47) She feels bad for treating Jason differently, which is one similarity between Jason, Catherine, and David. Catherine chooses to make the communication cards for Jason, but she doesn’t need to make the cards it’s a choice. Catherine has lived with David her whole life and Jason and her have recently became friends. So I feel that one of her reasons for treating them different. (Pg. 7) This passage shows that Catherine is used to David getting weird looks by random people. (Pg. 194/ 195) She ties to hold off anyone meeting him as long as possible because she doesn’t want Jason treated differently like David is. The dance really shows Catherine coming out of her shell and not being afraid to be around Jason and David. (Pg. 194-197) She protects Jason again and just has a fabulous time at the dance, and only cares about herself. She comes to terms with everyone around her and see’ the real side of people and becomes more understanding. Catherine shows us that yes, everyone does treat siblings differently, but sometimes that’s okay.


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