What Would it Be Like to Have an Autistic Sibling? By Brendan

Being a sibling of an autistic sibling would be hard because they could be hard to talk to. But also it would be hard to get them to stop throwing a tantrum. Another thing is its hard for them to process things through their head and understand it. I would definitely be hard to get out in public like the mall or other stores because of them having tantrums. In the novel/book Rules (By Cynthia Lord) a boy named Ryan (Catherine’s Brother) Ryan started to throw tantrums here and there. It would most likely be hard to get your parents attention because your parents may be helping your autistic sibling learn or read. In conclusion if I had an autistic sibling I would want to help him/her learn and read like a non-autistic person.


Jason’s Disability by Gracey

In Cynthia Lord’s Rules, Jason has a disability that stops him from doing a lot of things. The author made Jason non-verbal because he helps Catherine realize that David could be in a worse situation. Also that it is ok to be different. She also made cards for him. She was helping him because she had a brother who was different too and wanted Jason to be happy. An example is, when Jason asked her to dance she eventually said yes. She would also see him a lot. Jason has always wanted to run but he is in a wheelchair so he can’t. Catherine took him running. That shows she wants him to feel normal. Catherine thinks of Jason as everybody else. They have a special friendship.



Siblings vs. Friends with Disabilities By: Elsie

Treating a sibling with a disability is different than the way you treat a friend with a disability. Catherine treats Jason and David differently in the book Rules, written by Cynthia Lord. (Pg. 27/28 ) The end of page 27 and page 28 shows the difference of how Catherine treats David and Jason. This is also the first time Catherine has interacted with Jason though. ( Pg. 33) There are many ways in which Catherine treats David compared to the way she treats Jason, she actually has fun with Jason and David seems almost like a job to her. (Pg. 46/47) She feels bad for treating Jason differently, which is one similarity between Jason, Catherine, and David. Catherine chooses to make the communication cards for Jason, but she doesn’t need to make the cards it’s a choice. Catherine has lived with David her whole life and Jason and her have recently became friends. So I feel that one of her reasons for treating them different. (Pg. 7) This passage shows that Catherine is used to David getting weird looks by random people. (Pg. 194/ 195) She ties to hold off anyone meeting him as long as possible because she doesn’t want Jason treated differently like David is. The dance really shows Catherine coming out of her shell and not being afraid to be around Jason and David. (Pg. 194-197) She protects Jason again and just has a fabulous time at the dance, and only cares about herself. She comes to terms with everyone around her and see’ the real side of people and becomes more understanding. Catherine shows us that yes, everyone does treat siblings differently, but sometimes that’s okay.

Brother Vs Friend by Malik

In Rules by Cynthia Lord, Catherine treats David differently than Jason and she thinks David is embarrassing because on page 8 she says she hopes someone would invent a pill so David would wake up one morning without autism. She also doesn’t like taking care of David and she doesn’t want him to be involved in things to embarrass her, this is being shown on page 83 when she tells mom that she is done taking care of David when Kristi is over and that Is because she doesn’t want him to ruin her reputation. Also, Page 59 Catherine’s mom suggests that they have a barbeque and invite the neighbors but then Catherine says what about David, he forgets about the rule with chewing with his mouth so basically she I worried about her reputation and she thinks it’s going to be faulted because of David. Catherine shows more interest in Jason than she does in Jason because whenever she does an activity with David she doesn’t try to enjoy it or when he needs her to help him, she doesn’t show any emotion or affection but when Jason wants to do something with her she enjoys every moment of it, like when she takes him on a walk she enjoys every moment of it. Lastly, she cares more about Jason’s feelings more than David’s because she tries to make Jason understand her. In conclusion, Catherine treats Jason better than David .


Catherine’s Rules by Zach

In Cynthia Lord‘s novel Rules, Catherine was under a lot of pressure to be responsible for David. Through Catherine’s experience, the reader understand what it is like to live with sibling with a disability. David did things made Catherine embarrassed. As seen on page seven He would scream when he didn’t get what he wanted. He didn’t have social manners around people. David was Catherine’s responsibility. Catherine had to watch David and make sure he did not do something do something wrong. She also had to make sure that David knew exactly what was going to happen next. Catherine had to make sure David did not get in trouble. David was often got bullied and Catherine had to stand up for him. Catherine had to protect David on page one hundred and six.It’s very difficult to have a sibling with autism because you have to take care of them and protect them even when if they embarrass you.

Stereotypes Don’t Define Us By Elizabeth

Many people stereotype people with autism in the novel Rules by Cynthia Lord. First of all, many people treat people with autism like they don’t have feelings. Some examples is when Jason’s therapist yells (not meanly just loudly) at him, treating him like he is deaf not autistic. Ryan also likes to play tricks on David. He thinks it is okay, but it affects him the exact same way it would anybody else. Another way people often get frustrated with people who have autism because they sometimes act a certain way that some people call annoying but the autistic person can’t help it. Kristi didn’t get frustrated with David but she was implying that David was weird when she said “that must be hard even regular brothers are a pain.” You can imagine this does not make Catherine feel good, and self-conscious about herself. Catherine gets worried about David embarrassing her. For example when they were at Jason’s birthday party she doesn’t want David running around opening the doors. It’s like she doesn’t want him to be who is, or won’t accept him. Finally in the end she embraces things for how they are and learn to accept that her brother has autism. During the process of accepting she has a breakdown blaming everything David, only to realize that he’s not the one she’s mad at. She’s mad at herself for not putting herself in his shoes. In the end she asks Jason to the dance. At the dance Kristi is rude about Jason, saying she should have told her before. When Jason takes to the dance floor, Catherine realizes if Jason can have fun and be okay with who he is, then so can she. Our world needs to learn how to be more accepting of others that don’t meet our “standards.” Not everybody is perfect and the pressure on the world makes us think we need to be.