The Eye of Minds Book Talk by Ross

For my Independent reading project I chose the book the Eye of Minds. The Eye of Minds is about a teenager named Michael who lives in the future where everything is virtual. There is this system called the Virt-net which stands for virtual network, this Virt-net is a global network that anyone can use. The way the Virt-net, works is that you have to get a special kind of box people call it a coffin. Then you can enter the Virt-net. The Virt-net is a place that you can do practically anything that you want from hanging out in the duplicate of the real world to playing different games. In these coffins you can feel, hear, see, taste, and smell everything like you were a person and other people can see you too. Before you enter the Virt-net you need to make an aura. An aura is what you look like in the Virt-net. Most people make their aura what they look like but make themselves look stronger or prettier or something. This teen, Michael was a gamer who would spend more time in the Virt-net than he did in the real world. Michael had two friends in the Virt-net Sara and Bryson. Sara and Bryson knew Michael very well but the funny thing is, is that Michael has never met Sara or Bryson in real life. Almost every day Sara and Bryson would meet up with Michael in the Virt-net and hang out. Recently there have been a Cyber Terrorist known as Kaine who had amazing coding and hacking skills. Michael Bryson and Sara are all recruited by the VNS (Virt-Net Security) to stop Kaine from committing any more crimes. The three were good coders and hackers and when the VNS Agent, Agent Weber recruited them to use their coding/hacking skills to find a way to Kaine. The kids get information from someone in the Virt-net about the entrance onto the Path (P) witch led to the Hollowed Ravine (HR) which was supposedly where Kaine was hiding out. In this book the three teens go on a series of adventures throughout the book trying to find the way to the Hollowed Ravine to stop Kaine from using a dangerous program called the Mortality Doctrine on the world. I am going to finish now because the book is really deep keeping you on the edge of adventure and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the Maze Runner Books or if you like Si-fi adventure. I would really recommend this book to you.


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