“Everything Everything” Review by Josie

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, is a great book for teenagers to read. It’s about teenage girl named Madeline Whittier. She has a very rare disease called SCID, which is a disease that causes a very little or no immune system. She cannot leave her house or she could die. Madeline describes it as, “being allergic to the world”.  The only people she sees is her mom, her nurse Carla, and sometimes her school tutors, but she mostly sees them over Skype. She spends her time reading in her all white room. One day, Madeline saw a moving truck near her house, a boy named Olly moved in with his family. Madeline knew she had to know him.

Throughout the book, there were quotes that stood out to me. I noticed a pattern between these quotes. Most of them were talking about taking risks and finding your way in life.

“Life is hard, honey. Everyone finds a way.” (Page 33) This quote is referring to the difficulties is life. This quote was told to Madeline by her nurse. She is trying to tell Madeline that she knows life is hard for her, but you will find your way through life.

“Everything’s a risk. Not doing anything is a risk. It’s up to you.” (Page 68) This quote is talking about risks. The quote is also told to Madeline by her nurse. When Carla said this she is trying to tell Madeline, that taking risks is important. It may be a risk to do something, but it’s also a risk to do nothing in Madeline’s case.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked how the book ended with something no one would expect. It had a few sketches throughout the book. I enjoyed the sketches because it gave the readers a visual of things Madeline saw. I also, liked the book reviews, in Madeline’s point of view. The quotes in the book were a great way to inform the readers how hard life was for Madeline.


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