Life’s Beautiful by Rebecca


3 thoughts on “Life’s Beautiful by Rebecca

  1. Rebecca,
    I really enjoyed your monologue. I liked the setting you were in and how you were walking through the neighborhood. I think you did the perfect amount of getting into character as you didn’t try to do a big, complicated accent. I also enjoyed the birds in the background. Nice job using facts from the book.



  2. Rebecca,
    Great Job on your monologue! I really like the setting, and how you incorporated the setting into your monologue. It is great you used facts from the book. Great job memorizing the monologue. I liked how you did not stare at the camera making it look more candid. Great Job!


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  3. Rebo,

    This was a great piece. I liked how you introduced it in the beginning by talking about how you went to church that morning and saying how beautiful the sky is. One thing that really stood out in the monologue was how you described Mrs. Maudies relationship with the other characters in the book. I recommend stopping at a point just to take a break so the viewers can take a minute and think. This was a great way of showing how movement can help a videos understanding.



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