Justice & Hope by Amelia


6 thoughts on “Justice & Hope by Amelia

  1. Dear Amelia,
    I really love the way you found a way not to put you face right in front of the camera. It was creative and good to watch. I also thought the music helped the video all come together. One suggestion is to have a few more pauses, this will help everything you are saying sink in. But overall this was awesome!!!


  2. Amelia what a great piece of work! I really enjoyed watching your monologue. It was very intriguing and well thought out. I really liked how you had the voice over and the music in the background playing while you set up the table. I felt like you were actually speaking to us as Calpurnia. Really great work!


  3. Dear Amelia,
    I really liked your monologue. I liked how you were setting a table to show what everyday life for Calpurnia was like. At certain points, I wasn’t paying attention to what you were saying. I was paying attention to you setting the table. Your attention to detail was fabulous. I really enjoyed watching it.

    Good job,


  4. Amelia,
    Good job! I really liked how you were setting the table, i thought it was very creative. Also, I really liked how you did a voice over and the music set a good tone to it. When you set the table it made me really feel like you were Calpernia and made it more real.



  5. Amelia,
    That was excellent. I liked the music in the background, though I believe it could have been a tad bit quieter. I liked that you were setting the table, but not taking to much attention away from the words of the voice over. Also, the content of the script was excellent. The facts were true, and I liked the variation in your voice.



  6. Amelia,
    Great Job in your skit. You really got into character really well with the outfit and accent. The dinning room was a great place to film because it fit the character. It was great how you incorporated different camera angles. Great Job!


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