Farm Thoughts by Matt


7 thoughts on “Farm Thoughts by Matt

  1. Matt, that was very good! I loved how you used a goat in your video as if you were Walter Cunningham. Did you find that it was easy to connect to what Walter’s life must be like, while you were filming this video? I thought that was a really unique idea!

    Good Job!


  2. Dear Matt,
    I really liked your set for the video, I feel like it really helped tell who your video was about. I like how it looked like you were talking to the goat, that made it more interesting. For a suggestion I would try to find another way to look at your script because the clipboard was a little awkward.



  3. Matt,
    I really liked how you actually talked to your goat, it was totally something your character would do. I feel like i learned more from this character even though this part wasn’t in the book. You were persistent on acting and didn’t break haracter. I really liked your Monologue Skit.

    Max L.


  4. Dear Matt,
    I really liked how you had your goat in the video. Was the goat meant to eat the script? Just a suggestion, I think that you shouldn’t have had the clipboard because you could tell that you were reading tour script off of it. Overall though, it was great.




  5. I liked your accent that you used, it made the scene more realistic. I also liked that your goat was the “person” you were talking to. Disguising your script as a farm checklist and the country music at the beginning made great finishing touches to an already great video. Great job!


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