Dear Diary… by Sam


7 thoughts on “Dear Diary… by Sam

  1. Dear Sam,
    I can see you really got into character in this video. I thought your script was awesome, i feel like you really portrayed what she would say if she had more lines in the book. For one suggestion it was a little distracting with your hand on your head. Also was the cough supposed to be part of the video? If so i feel like you should have somehow explained it.



  2. Dear Sam,
    I liked this video because it really seemed like something Mrs. Dubose would have said right before she died. I think that you portrayed Jesse a little bit unrealistically. I was wondering if you think that Mrs. Dubose was more courageous than Atticus in kicking her Morphine habit.


  3. Dear Sam,
    Your monologue really got my attention. The way you got and stayed in character throughout the whole monologue was really impressive. At points I got distracted by your hand holding your blanket in place. The fact that you went outside of the box and played as a girl was admirable. I really enjoyed your performance.

    Good job,


  4. Sam,
    I liked how you got in the moment and really acted like Mrs. Dubose. You had your hand on your head a bit to much. I liked how you tried to sound like Mrs. Dubose, you really got in character. You were a little to close to the camera. Overall I thought it was a pretty good skit.

    Max L


  5. Dear Sam,

    Great job! I really enjoyed watching this video. One of the reasons is because you played a different gender character which was great to step out of your boundary and do that. Also, not only did you just play a different gender; but you showed the sensitive side to Mrs. Dubose. I recommended that you take longer pauses to break up the thoughts. Overall it was great and admirable.

    Nice work,


  6. Dear Sam,
    I really enjoyed you getting into character. It sounded like it was really Mrs. Dubose. I really enjoyed the costume at that. It was a great idea for monologuing as a girl. The coughing (Even if it wasn’t supposed to be a part of it) was really bringing me into it, because of her morphine addiction. it added to getting into character. I very much enjoyed your performance.
    Amazing work,


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