Troubles of a Southern Belle by Charlotte


8 thoughts on “Troubles of a Southern Belle by Charlotte

  1. Dear Charlotte,

    Your video made me feel that I was actually in the 1930’s talking to a southern lady. I liked how you dressed up in a very formal dress as if you were getting ready to go to a tea with your friends. I also enjoyed how you were talking about Scout, and how she would ruin the family name by marring Dill. I’m wondering if you think that the lifestyle that Aunt Alexandra lives is suitable for Scout, or does she fit in better living another lifestyle. Overall I thought your video was great, and was very entertaining to watch!

    Great Job,


  2. Charlotte,
    Your video was really thought out, nice job! What was your favorite thing about portraying Aunt Alexandra? Did being her make you think about her differently?

    Nina. S


  3. Dear Charlotte,
    The scene of the video of you putting on make-up really worked with your character. With your input on the children and Calpurnia is what Aunt Alexandra would actually say. Something that could make this monologue even better is that u mention Atticus, the neighbors, or the trial in your voice over. How you talked with an accent made this more real. Good job!
    – Julia


  4. Dear Charlotte,
    I really like how you portrayed your character in this video. I think you really captivated Aunt Alexandra by having her put on makeup and sharing her thoughts in this scene. I really like how you reflected on the children, what they meant to you, how they affected the family, etc. I also liked how you showed that Aunt Alexandra really wants the “best” for Jean Louise and Jem but she sometimes has a hard time communicating that. I think the video was really well thought out, however I think you repeated yourself a little bit, and, the voice over is a little choppy. Overall, I think you really showed who Aunt Alexandra is, and you provided a really interesting thought line that now goes along with her complex character.

    Jonah B


  5. Dear Charlotte,
    I loved your video, especially the way you portrayed your character “Aunt Alexandra”. I also like your setting and they way you spoke while putting your make up on. However there were a few pauses in the video which made it hard for me to understand where you getting and I wish you have made more expression so we as an audience could really understand your character. But other than that it was good.



  6. Dear Charlotte,
    Your video was very well done. It shows how much effort you have put into this project. You got into character really well with the 30’s hairstyle and outfit. I liked how you did the voice over too, as your were doing something during the skit and not just relying on the voice-over. The children’s scream and shout confused our class a bit, but after the class figured it out it was concluded that was a good idea. Great Job on your video!


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  7. Charlotte,
    I really enjoyed watching your video! I thought it was neat how well you captivated Aunt Alexandra. Something I would have done differently was to move the mirror with the light out of the way, because it would add more realism. Overall, great job!!!


  8. Charlotte,

    I thought this was one of the best examples of a summary of aunt Alexandria; the character you portrayed. Your voice during the voice over reminded me of the voice I thought while reading the book. Also, they way you got dressed up really tells the viewers what she is like and how she would be in real life today. I recommend a little less pauses because it broke up some really great thoughts. Great job Charlotte you are a great actor.



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