Calpurnia’s Journal Entry by Phoebe


4 thoughts on “Calpurnia’s Journal Entry by Phoebe

  1. Dear Phoebe,
    Your video was put together well and you scrip was amazing. I liked how you wrote to Cal’s journal, because it was your inner thoughts. Something that I noticed that you could improve on is to get madder at the jury because they made a wrong decision. Something that was really interesting that I noticed is that you mentioned all the main charters even the Ewells. Good job!
    – Julia


  2. Phoebe,
    I really enjoyed your video! The thoughts Calpurnia had were very well thought out by you. What drove you to pick Calpurnia for your monologue?

    Nina S.


  3. Dear Phoebe,
    I thought it was really interesting how you showed some empathy for Mayella when she lied, lied and lied. I really like how you expressed the sadness of the situation with the tone of you voice and you facial expressions. You really showed emotion when talking about Tom and his situation, you really “missed” him. I really like how you told Calpurnia’s story, how she had to walk on the other side of the road, how she was effected by racism, how she wondered if Atticus really showed respect for her because he made her sleep on the cot in the kitchen. Overall, I think you did a really good job being Cal and you showed her inner-self really well.

    Jonah B


  4. Phoebe,
    Your monologue seemed very thought out. I thoroughly enjoyed how in-character you were the entire time. I hadn’t thought of Calpurnia in this amount of depth before (does that make sense?) but the opportunity to do so was greatly appreciated.
    – Emily


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