Race & Loss by Dinah

True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” is a about a Spokane Indian boy named Junior, who doesn’t feel welcomed either on the reservation or at his all-white school Reardan. In “True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” race and loss are a huge part of the book because it gives Junior a little bit of trouble for searching for him real self. Junior feels like he’s half-white and half-Indian. But in reality he doesn’t feel welcomed at either the reservation or at Reardan.

Sherman Alexie has given us as readers an idea of how much people stereotype and use racist slurs to describe Native Americans. Through Junior’s experience Alexie shows us the devastating impact of stereotyping and racism has changed Junior himself. One way Junior has experienced racism was when he went to his first day of Reardan. Everyone there was very stereotypical and calling him racist names and making fun of him because of his heritage and ethnicity, but in reality those people didn’t even know what Junior’s real heritage and background is like they were just making assumptions because of the way that he looks.

Junior has changed by realizing how bad and cruel all the stereotypes are and from that he has changed. He has changed by realizing that there is more in his life than just growing up on the reservation, there is going to school, making friends, and being more successful in general.


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