Why Ban A Book? By Donny

The book The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian is the most popularly banned in libraries because of the profane language age inappropriate content. People are against banning books because they have the right to read. Kids have the same rights as adults which gives them the right to read what they want. Schools are the biggest reasons books are banned. If a school does not like a book keep it out of your school don’t keep others from reading it. If a kid brings a book to school that is banned let them read it because they chose to read it and there is nothing wrong because the book does not belong to the school.

I don’t think there should be such a thing as banning a book because of its content. The book The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian written by Sherman should not be banned because it raises awareness to everyone that reads it about racism. Parents can decide the book level that there child is reading so other kids don’t get banned from reading a book they want to. The biggest thing the parents are worried about is their kid will repeat the words or actions they read. When a kid wants to read a book that might be inappropriate for their age then the adult can determine what he or she reads. Also if someone does not want to read a book that might offend them don’t make them read it.


3 thoughts on “Why Ban A Book? By Donny

  1. i agree with your argument , but what if a child picks up a book and secretly reads it. if the book was banned then the child would not get the book in the first place


  2. Donny, I liked your topic and I agree with your argument. I feel that your first paragraph was a little choppy and I found it hard to read. Overall, I liked your post and found it informative.

    -Mia D.


  3. I would agree with your argument and it brings up some good points. But I would have liked to see more detail about why you think that the book should be banned. Having more detail would have given a much better argument and supported your argument as well. You had some good transition words and I found it very informative.


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