The cultural appropriation of Native Americans, or why I hate Coachella by Emily

If you go to a music festival or just go outside on Halloween, there’s bound to be more than one racist costume. The people wearing them well defended by claiming that they’re honoring the culture, but they’re dead wrong. To the right there’s a picture of Eliza Doolittle at Coachella.  She doesn’t look Native American, does she? I’m not sure any bird comes in that color. And also, the headdresses that Native Americans are so commonly depicted wearing at powwows have had every single bead infused with the prayer, and every single feather placed meticulously. And then there’s just this. A white girl playing  dress up of a culture that isn’t her own.  

Traditional headdresses cannot be mass-produced. as previously mentioned every single little thing on the headdresses has been blessed, and to take away that meaning and just turned into a fashion accessory isn’t right.

But don’t think that only Native Americans have their culture appropriated. look at you Miley Cyrus,  with her dreadlocks, or White people wearing bindis and henna and being praised for being trendy,  whilst people of color get made fun of for it.  once you start looking for it, cultural appropriation is everywhere. You can’t change everyone’s mind, but you can try and make other people aware too. And maybe, that will be enough to start a revolution.


Check out these videos to hear from actual Native Americans.

Halloween costumes

Music festival fashion



10 thoughts on “The cultural appropriation of Native Americans, or why I hate Coachella by Emily

  1. Emily,
    I really liked your message, I thought that it was great that you mentioned other cultures, as well as talking about native Americans. I thought that the videos in the links were powerful, and I agree that those costumes were incredibly racist. I learned about the blessings on the outfits of traditional powwow dancers for the first time in your post. I thought your post was awesome and inspirational.


  2. Good job Emily,
    Your blog was very informative and had some good points. I liked that you didn’t just show Native American racism but you also used racism between African Americans and Hindus. I liked that you put in the videos so we could see how Native Americans feel about the costumes. Next time please (if you can) expand on more stereotypes that Native Americans have at Coachella. Which leads me into my next question; are there other types of racism at music festivals?


  3. Emily,
    Everything you talked about is so true. So many people around the world are doing this and they have no idea they are being mean. They are making fun of an entire race. I love how you don’t want to change the minds of people, because people need to have their own opinions and view points on the topic. The only things I have to point out is that some of the things you talked about, for example more ways on how people defend themselves if they do dress in a racist way, I wanted more detail to see your perspective on this. to end this on a good note, I loved the way you brought modern culture into the mix. See how those are similar and how those people are racists and go unnoticed. All in all what you did was great and I know it will inspire a lot of people.


  4. Emily,
    I really liked your points you brought up. I think that you should check some of your capitals and endings though. Using the picture to tie into your work worked really well. Also you put in some great transitions into your work as well.


  5. Emily,
    I never realized that people at Cochella dressed up in what they call costumes, but those “costumes” were actually offending a group of people. I really liked how you made a point about how hard it is to remake a traditional headdress, because of how sacred they are. I think overall this was a great and informative piece of writing, but maybe work a little bit more on making the piece flow and capitalization. Without reading this I don’t think I would have ever looked at this topic the way I just did!
    Great Job,


  6. Emily,
    You’re post was amazing, and it opened my eyes to the racism in Coachella. I also liked how you gave in depth detail about powwow’s, and how Native American’s make headdresses. The only negative thing I would have to say is make sure you read over your pieces before you publish them, to make sure it follows, and there are no grammar errors. Overall I loved you’re piece. Great Job!


  7. Dear Emily,
    I think what you wrote is amazing. I didn’t know that EVERY piece of the headdress was blessed. It was smart that you said that people wear it like a Halloween costume. I just have one question though; what is coachella? I also have one suggestion for next time to not be so harsh . That’s just how it appears when I read it. Otherwise, It’s amazing. Good job!


  8. Emily I really liked your post about how the way people dress at Coachella is very offensive to Native Americans everywhere. I think that more people should pay attention to how they are dressing in terms of their everyday clothing and even the costumes they wear because you may think that you’re are just “praising their culture”, but in all actuality people are just hurting other cultures. I just want to know what made you choose this topic to write about, and why you feel so strongly about this topic? You did a really great job!

    Nice Work,


  9. I found your topic interesting. When you said that other people praise white people for being trendy and you say the the “people of color” are being made fun of for wearing henna, I have not seen any other people made fun of for wearing henna. But overall i liked your observations of this topic.

    Max L.


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