Redskins Name & Mascot Racism by Peter

The name and the mascot of the football team the Washington Redskins has been documented as a racist and stereotypical name to Native Americans because the term “Redskins” was supposedly used back when the English settlers first encountered them. The word “Redskin” has been considered a slur because it is stating that all Native Americans have red skin, . With their chants and their mascot supposed to be based off Native Americans in a certain way that they do not like. The owner of the team is not willing to change the name also which has sparked more controversy. Another thing is that people do not want a team with a racist name to be based in the capital of the country.

They should change it. It is an old and racist term to describe Indians and that is offensive. I do see a potential reason that the owner is not willing to change the name, possibly because of the history the team has had with the name. The Redskins franchise was created in 1932 and started with the name Boston Braves, the name Braves has also sparked national outcry for a name change too because people think that it is also stereotypical, this means that the team could’ve always started off with a stereotypical name and changed it to another stereotypical name. 1 year later they changed their name to the Redskins. Since then, they have won 3 Super Bowls, 5-time Conference champions, 14-times Division champions, and have appeared in the playoffs 24 times. With a successful history like that, it’s not too hard to see why he would not want to change the name of this team.Displaying SACK Cartoon.jpg

Though and through even through the protests and outcry and fuss about the name, he will probably not change the name because its history on the NFL. That and possibly all of the changes that would have to be made to the team with the kits, logo, and more esthetics within the team. An example of a comment the owner gave to USA Today was “We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER—you can use caps.” This has caused much controversy among Native Americans and other people who want to change the name because it seemed like he had not stated a reason to keep the name and they still wanted it changed. Although, unless the owner resigns or if the government forces a name change, it doesn’t look like the Washington Redskins are going to have a name change anytime soon. President Obama was notified about the subject of the name and he said that “Names and mascots like the Redskins perpetuate negative stereotypes onto Native Americans.” he has even said that if he was the owner of that team then he would consider a name change. I hope that one day the name will be changed because the name itself is a racial slur and is stereotypical.


2 thoughts on “Redskins Name & Mascot Racism by Peter

  1. Peter,
    This was a very good informational piece about the team the Redskins. I like how you added information about the views of our president and also the coach of the team. Something that I would add is some views from Native-American’s and how they fell about this debate. Also more detail why you want to change the name. I liked how you added the history behind the team’s name. Great piece!
    – Julia


  2. Peter,
    After reading this I have great knowledge and background about the redskins. I found the quote from the USA redskins owner interesting. i recommend having pictures for each paragraph to further explain you point. The information was there, but i would love to see picture to make it easier for the reader to comprehend your thesis . Overall great piece and GREAT support with evidence. Nice job!


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