Stereotyping of Native Americans by Ross

Indians have been portrayed as killers and ruthless people in movies. Every movie needs a villain but the way people in the movie business make Indians is very wrong. There are hundreds of stereotypes out there saying that Indians scalp people, kill people, and are vicious and ruthless people with no respect for life but that is what the movie people want you to think and they do this for money.


This is an image of an Indian tribe attacking a peaceful wagon train making people think that the Indians are the enemy’s in this. The Indians are using bows, flaming arrows and spears to wipe out this wagon train and for no reason making the Indians the enemy’s in this, making people believe that the Indians are ruthless killers who kill men for sport.

This is an image of an Indian doing a war cry as the Indians supposedly used to do. I think that the movie makers purposely made the Indians have a war cry to make them seem hostile when really the white people where the ones being hostile by coming and making Indians seem crazy.

This image is a tribal chief saying that they should wipe out all White men and after he says that the people in that tribe start attacking that white man to tie him to a post. I bet that the white man will break out and win because in these types of movies the white man always wins.

It is hard to think about growing up in that time where Cowboys and Indians were a big thing and being an Indian would be very hard. There are a lot of stereotypes out there and these were just a few.


One thought on “Stereotyping of Native Americans by Ross

  1. I think this blog post is good. Your blog post really stood out to me. Especially the part you talked about the Hollywood movie industry.
    In what movies and or TV shows do they depict American Indians that way? Why do you think it is wrong to do that in movies and TV shows?
    Your blog post also displayed good flow.
    – Micah


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