The Moving and Bullying By: Ross

About 6 years ago I moved to the house I live in now. When I moved I was a little nervous about meeting new people and fitting in. Before this house I lived in a very big house in 40 acres of land in Wild Wood St. Louis MO. This was a red brick house with a field next to it but all around the field was forest. I lived in that house for 5 years, and before that I lived in another house for 3 years. I don’t remember much about that earlier house. I have had a long experience of changing schools.

A big part of my life happened after I moved houses. This is when I went to reed school. I liked the school and I didn’t mind the teachers, it was just this one kid who I really didn’t like at all. This kid had bullied me for a long time, and even when I see him now he rolls his eyes at me. I don’t know why he does what he does or why he hates me but this is why I feel insecure whenever I go to a new school because of that. I am always nervous about meeting new people and going to new schools. People are usually nervous about going to new schools but I have had a hard past as for some of these kids have not.

If I could redo my life then I would. Part of all this is my fault because I was a little touchy back then but instead of bulling me they should have told me to stop and tried to help me instead. This is a little of topic but it has to do with the subject of me moving to a new house. I am very independent and I probably would have never been so independent if I never was so bullied. It is sad that it had happened to me.

Now I have been to 6 different schools but this school was the worst. First I went to Ladue early childhood center, then I went to Hope Montessori school, after that I went to Ridge Meadows Elementary school, after that I went to Reed School, then Rohan Woods School (which is the only school that I have graduated from), finally I go here to Whitfield so in all it was a lot of schools. Before I moved into the house I live in now I lived in my aunt’s house for a small time while I was moving. I also started school while I was in my aunt’s house. This school is probably one of my least favorite memories because while I was here I was bullied a lot. This was Reed Elementary school. I went to this school was after I moved.

My first day of school I didn’t know anyone except my twin sister. I was still back in first grade at the time so I was a little bit jittery because I was in a different area. Now I know at that time that I wasn’t. I think that I might have known one person or at least heard who he was and he was the bully. The reason I knew him is because he would always ride his bike to school. I also met him earlier on.

When I started school I rode my bike to school every day because it was close to my house and a few other kids in my neighborhood also rode their bikes to school. Going back to the bully, at first he was my friend. He another kid in my neighborhood and I played a game. The game would be like spy and it would go until night. I also went trick or treating with them.

Before all of this I lived in a big red brick house out in Wildwood, MO. Wildwood is near chesterfield. I had lived in that house for 5 years before I moved into the house that I live in now. I remember when I was touring the house that I live in now and thinking that this is a good house. I also remember when I had my first Halloween. I even remember when there was a fire in a nearby house from us but it wasn’t a bad fire. I remember when I had moved into the house and I was a little anxious about meeting new people. I didn’t know this at first but the bully at Reed School was actually a distant cousin of mine.

When I moved I was nervous because it was the first time that I could remember living in in a neighborhood. I didn’t want to leave my old house because I knew it so well but it was so far away from my family in Clayton and Ladue so we moved. I now like that I moved because I have had so many great memories here but I also had a lot of good memories there at that house. But moving was fun because I remember it very well now. I wish that I lived in that house still so I could have all the memories that I had there as well as all the memories that I have now.

I wish those times hadn’t ended because later that year he was a bully to me and the next year he and a group of kids were a bully to me. I have absolutely no clue why they were so mean to me. I don’t know what I did to make them bully me, I don’t know if it was because I acted or if it was the way I looked or even if it was because I wasn’t as smart as the other kids. I also think that it could that they were jealous of me because my family is a little wealthy. The main point is that they bullied me instead of helping me.

Moving to my new house was different because it had been so long since I had moved. Like I said I still wish that I could have stayed at my old house for a lot longer and had a lot of new memories but I still like all the good memories that I have had at the house that I am living in now because I never would have probably gone to the camps that I go to now, I would never had gotten the dog that I have now. There would probably would be some good things that could have happened to me such as my dog not dying at the time she did or all the bullying that happened to me but I learned from all the stuff that had happened to me and grew from it becoming the person I am. All the things that happened to me in the past six years would have never happened to me if I had just stayed at my old house.










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