The Memory That Will Last Forever By: Rebecca

I remember life the way it used to be. It was too good to be true when I was a little child. I faintly remember the good memories like going on many interesting trips and having enjoyable laughs with one another. One of those memorable trips occurred when I was eight, and my brother with blonde curled hair was ten years old, my family ventured to Costa Rica. Our plane was delayed for six hours, during our endless wait at the airport we tried to occupy our time. My family sat in the airport and played card games. My mom was always prepared, so she had things to keep us busy. Finally, our plane went to our first stop Dallas, and my parents were excited about the trip. My mom was going to see a host family she has known from years before, so she smiled when she talked about Costa Rica. However, she was angry when she thought about the long delays, too. My dad tried to calm my mom down while we ate dinner at the airport. All was good, or at least I thought it was.

I was too young to really notice the changes occurring between my parents. A few months later, I noticed my mom not smiling as much, and she was not as enthusiastic as usual. My mom and I were in the car going to practice one day, and I asked my mom, “Are you angry at dad?”

She paused and said hesitantly, “I am not sure, do you notice anything different?”

I thought about this question for a long time. Then, finally responded with, “Yes.”

She said, “Okay.” I was expecting more than just okay, because I knew something was wrong between my parents. They were not talking, and I kept noticing they were getting into fights. I thought this was normal because people told me all parents get in some arguments. When my parents were in the house they stayed in different rooms and tried to avoid one another. None of my friend’s parents were divorced, so the idea that my parents might separate never entered my mind.

It was a Friday, and my parent’s needed to go outside because they were having the biggest fight I had seen them have in my entire lifetime. I knew this argument was never going to be solved just because how they how loud they were. I could hear them outside my house! It sounded like someone had died. After this incident, everything started going downhill from there. While this event was occurring, my brother was staring at me not knowing what to do while we were inside my house. I was running around in circles screaming because I was so worried. When my parents come back in the house, they were so silent that I could hear a cricket chirp. My parents did not make eye contact with each other at all. My brother and I went to our rooms, and shortly after that I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes. Before I knew it, I was asleep and dreaming. The days came and went, and things were not at all the same with my family.

It was a Saturday morning in 2012, and my family was making a delicious breakfast at our house the smells were extremely present. We normally took our time eating and we discussed our plans for the weekend. My brother would have hockey practice, and I had a soccer game. That morning, it was a very quick meal, and my parents seemed distracted. Afterwards, my brother and I were clearing off the table. My dad and mom were at opposite ends of the rectangle shaped table and they called us both over.

“Come here we need to talk to you,” my dad’s tone of voice let me know that it serious. They looked very unpleased. I knew what they were going to say was not going to be good. For a minute I was hesitant to sit down, but I did anyway.

They started saying, “We love you both.” My mind was going crazy.

My parents continued, “We have not been getting along lately, and we would probably be happier, if we were not living together anymore. So we are going to get a divorce.”

I instantly fell off the chair with grief and became hysterical crying. I will never forget those words for the rest of my life. Divorce was a foreign word to me, back then. After hearing the word, I looked like a rag doll hanging on my chair. My mom rushed over to me to calm me down, but I did not want her to touch me. I began to run around in circles, distraught with the idea that my family was crumbling. I ran through the living room, into the kitchen, and then ended up in the basement. My mom followed me, but I wanted nothing to do with her at that time. My mom did not stay very long and eventually I went upstairs, but I was still upset. On the other hand, after this news my brother seemed completely unfazed, getting something to eat and going in his room. He did not seem to care at the time, but later we talked, and I knew it hurt him, too.

I was distraught for most of the day, and I kept crying for hours afterwards. I realized I had a soccer game that I needed to get to, and I had to make the decision on whether to go or not. I did not particularly want to go because I did not want people to ask me questions because they could clearly tell that I was upset. Staying at the house felt claustrophobic and the idea of kicking and punching a soccer ball sounded excellent. My dad offered to take me to the game. The car ride was tense and instead of looking at him, I stared out the window, watched the trees and all the perfect houses go by. My house used to be perfect, and in an instant it had all changed. At last, we arrived at the fresh cut grass soccer field. Interestingly during the game, I was on fire as I scored three goals!

With the news of my parents’ divorce, I thought my life would be over, and I realized everything was going to change. The life I had was never going to be the same. There would be no more family vacations together, and our holidays would be split between two households. Yikes! Who was I to live with…mom, dad, or both?

It has been three years since the moment that changed my life forever. Now, I live with both of my parents’ just on different days. But, I am always with my brother whomever house I am staying at that day, and through the divorce, if I did not have him I would have felt lost and alone. He and I have developed a better relationship through all of this. One small moment in one’s life can change it forever, yet one can find a way to make the best of it and persevere.




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