My Favorite Sport by Donny

My Favorite sport is golf. I started golfing when I was 4 years old. When I started playing after a week or two I thought I wasn’t good because I did think I was getting better. My dad kept me practicing every day so I would improve. I usually play every day in the summer except for Mondays because our country club is closed then. In the summer I play with a few of my friends so we can get better for high school golf.

This summer I was voted one of the three best players for 18 and under at my Country club. Then, we three and the pro played in the pro-junior/ pro-am golf tournament. The golf tournament was played on the Gateway golf course. Bellerive, which was my team, won the lowest gross (lowest number of strokes) and the lowest score. The tournament was played as the best ball which is where you all agree which ball is the best to play and Bellerive, my team was 17 under.

When I grow up I want to be a professional golfer and play on the PGA. When I was 4 years old and hit my first golf ball I thought I was bad but my dad kept telling me to practice more and more to get better. So now I practice every time I can to get better at my favorite sport so that I will be able to accomplish my dream. The golf tournament I remember the most was walking up hole #18 to finish and it was so dark I couldn’t see the pin from 10 feet away so they had to tend the pin there were also at least 40 people on the green watching so I was really nervous. Fortunately, I made that last put to win for the Bellerive team. All of the years that I’ve been playing I have never had a hole in one and I can’t wait until my first one.

The best part about golf is seeing how far you can hit the ball but that is not what is important at all in the game of golf. What is really important is how accurate you are and playing smart golf. Accurate and smart golf is not trying to whack the ball over the lake to get it on the green, or to get the ball further, it is playing the ball safe and not making penalty strokes. I have learned and always heard this from my dad. I have never taken a private golf lesson and I can play my course under par. Just because I think I can under par my golf course does not mean that I will be able to walk into a tournament at any golf course and say it’s easy, because I do not know what the course will look like Since in the rules of golf you can only have 14 clubs in your golf bag I practice with more so I can take the ones that I do not hit well and put them away so I don’t use them. My favorite club is my driver because I can hit the ball 270 yards with all my practice. I also hit my hybrid, sand wedge, and irons really well. The hardest part of golf is putting. Putting is where you take a small stroke back and tap the ball or hit it medium. You do this because you are trying to get the ball in the hole or close to it. Putting is where most of your strokes come from. This is because if you putt two times which is the most you should have to put on every hole throughout 18 holes you automatically end up with 36 strokes for putts. This is why it is good to play smart golf so you don’t make a crazy shot and end up with more strokes. Jordan Spieth is the best golfer in the world right now, he has won 273 tournaments in his life. I hope that I will become a professional golfer in my life.


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