What kind of city would be called Jennings? By: Yerdua Jennings

The rain falls so hard I can’t make out what’s out the window, all I see are blobs of color muted by grey. My mom notices this too, and sends me down to the basement with my sister, Elizabeth with steady instructions to watch how worried we should be about the rain. The TV now is displaying the weather instead of drake and josh much to my sister’s chagrin.

Now that my sister and I are on the lookout my mom heads back upstairs to talk with the workmen. They take a break from measuring in addition to re-doing our kitchen, and asks if she could get them anything to eat and drink, and ask what they think about the rain, questioning them about what they want to do. Although between the rain and floor that separates us her words became as unclear as the pictures out our window.

I turn towards my older sister eyes glowing with an opportunity to play, but I now only see she has a book in her hands, and eyes glued on a page. I don’t bother to ask her to play with me, she’s told me it’s not cool for a 9year old to play with little kid toys anymore. Although I did test this out for a good few weeks accompanied by a well-deserved fight.

With the soul power of watching the weather I try to mimic Elizabeth’s interest with her book with my duty of watching the weather channel. Fighting off boredom comes easier when I now see the mid-west and appear on the screen accompanied by a variety of colorful lines accenting the states. As if things couldn’t look prettier the states also looked like someone had scrunched them up and tie dyed them.

“Here’s Dan live from blah blah blah blah…” My face scrunches up at the change of the tv and I start to drift away from the reporter.

Yeah mom turns out it was just a bit of rain, no I did my job we should be worried, I know what the weather is, I looked at the map, I-” My train of thought gets blocked off when Dan or whoever’s name was stated says something that rings in my ears. “There’s a tornado coming towards the Jennings area.”

My heart decides to take this time as a break and stop moving. The words still echoing in my ears. “ELIZABETH ELIZABETH ELIZABETH!”

“Ugh Yerdua what’s wrong!?” Elizabeth says broken out of her book.

“The- the- the- guy said there was a tornado coming right towards OUR HOUSE!”

“Wait what, really?”

I shake my head vigorously

“Go tell mom!”

I sprint upstairs skipping steps to the point I almost tumble down, and step into a room so torn down it appears to almost be made out of cardboard. “MOM MOM MOM!” I scream receiving well deserved looks of confusion from the adults.

“Sweetie what?” My mom asks gently trying not to be aware of the 4 men in our kitchen observing us.


“What oh my goodness!” Mom turns to the workmen, “What do you want to do, drive back, go in the basement with us….” My 6 year old brain at this point starts to tune out the conversation.

The very confused work men who are looking outside, turn and say, “I don’t think it’s bad enough yet we’ll just be on our way.” Within minutes I hear their truck’s engine fill my ears.

She sends me back into the basemen accompanied by Elizabeth. Just minutes later my mom’s shoes are able to be heard s

tumbling down the stairs. I see her arms stretched out so long that they cover her face. I become immensely confused before I see the cage of my very fat, vary mean, yet incredibly cute guinea pig, Harry. Harry Potter Jennings. I squeal and thank her and open the tiny door to his cage, so I can reach for him. I feel his soft little plump tummy on my hands and scoop him up to comfort him.

“Okay Elizabeth, is the weather still on?” Mom questions.

Claire nods less annoyed than before, as a result of being finished reading her more than girly looking book.

Mom spins around and looks at the TV to the now returned colorful map. “Wha- where’s the tornado, where are the red danger signals?” She asks brows determined to meet together.

I once again look to now study instead of admire the map, to find out she’s right the TV is telling us we are going to be okay. I scour the area my mom now points at helping direct me where we live. Yet still I see no threat.

I hear a chuckle from my mom, “Did the weather person say the tornado was coming towards the Jennings area?”

My face lights up, with recognition of my former discovering.

Elizabeth who has finished observing her finished book now looks at me, “Wait that’s what it said? Yerdua, Jennings is a city.”

My little ears only pick up the words Yerdua and Jennings back to back. “Yes mom, my name is Yerdua Jennings” I think.

I lock my eyes to hers, losing my understanding of the situation we’re in. Are we or are we not in danger?

My mom steps in, “Yerdua, Jennings is another city in Missouri.”

I now fully understand after hearing Elizabeth get up from the couch and touch the TV. My eyes follow to where she’s pointing to. A little black dot labeled Jennings, which happens to be not very close to our vicinity.

My mom chuckles and gives me a hug. “A tornado is headed towards the Jennings area. Jennings- my last name. Jennings- a city.” I think Wrapping up my thoughts, huh. Jennings. Is. A city!

Finally a little switch in my brain flips. Jennings is a city! I understand, Jennings is a city.

Wait…. Who would name a city Jennings….?



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