Personal Narrative By Josie

All Summer I begged my parents for a puppy. I sent many emails to my parents saying what I would do if I could get a puppy, and whenever I could I would say please. I looked online for months even though my parents told me I couldn’t get one. I researched breeds, where to get one, and I even had names picked out. I found a place online that had a puppy I really liked. I told my mom about it and since we had no other plans, we went to the pet store. All I could hear once we walked into the store were puppies barking. The store had rows and rows of pet supplies. There were many other pets like birds, cats, bunnies, and hamsters. When I walked a bit further, I saw a huge wall full of puppies in cages, and so many different breeds. We were able to play with a few. After about an hour of playing with different dogs, I finally saw the one that I found online. Right when I saw it, I knew it was the puppy I wanted. She was a very small Yorkie. Her fur was mostly black and her face was brown. On her head she had a patch of white fur. I asked the girl that was helping us if I could play with her. I instantly loved her, she loved to play and be held. My mom could tell how much I loved her, but she said,
“No you cannot get her, I told you we are not getting another dog”.
I was so upset, all the way home I kept thinking about the dog. I spent the 40 minutes home looking out the window.
The next day my mom started showing me other types of dogs.
“What about this one?” she said enthusiastically.
I looked at it, “It’s cute”, I said.
I already knew I didn’t want that one.
She told me we are going to look at another place once my dad got home from work. The other pet store was about 30 minutes away, and I was still excited to look at puppies, but was still hoping that I would be able to see the Yorkie from the day before. When we walked into the other pet store, there were many cages with 1-5 puppies in them. It was a small room. I played with a few, and looked at many. I didn’t have the feeling I did with the Yorkie with any of those dogs. My parents found one they loved, but I didn’t want that one, I had already made up my mind. After looking around for a while, we left and headed to the place from the day before.
Right when we got to the first pet store, I ran to the back of the store where the puppies were. I showed my dad the Yorkie I wanted so badly since he had not seen her yet. I saw the girl who helped us the other day and I told her which one I wanted to look at. She took her out of the cage and handed her to me. I was so excited to see her again. My parents and I went into a fenced in area so we could play with her. I threw a small tennis ball to her, and she ran and jumped for it. This made my parents and I laugh. My dad wanted me to play with a different one as well. It was cute, but it wasn’t anything like the Yorkie.
My parents went away for a few minutes to talk. It felt like it took hours. The girl who helped us came back and told me that my parents said I could her! I was so excited! I knew right away I was going to name her Jorgie. The girl took Jorgie back to her cage while my parents completed paperwork. I looked around the store to pick out the supplies we needed to get. When my parents were done with the paperwork, the girl brought Jorgie out. She had on a purple bow and a bandanna that matched. On the way home she was in my lap the whole time.
When we got home, I was very worried about how Jorgie would get along with the other 2 dogs I have. Right when we let the other dogs outside, Jorgie instantly loved them. She jumped and licked them. My other dogs were much bigger than her, I thought Jorgie would be scared of them. Jorgie wasn’t afraid of anything. She jumped in the grass and ran with the other pets. I knew I loved her.
I will never forget the time I got Jorgie. I was so happy and surprised to have her after begging for a puppy for months.


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