The Porch Monologue by Madeline


12 thoughts on “The Porch Monologue by Madeline

  1. I love your accent as well in this video, you prove to be a southern lady. Its very funny to watch as you scream with emphasis and it sounds very realistic. You support your evidence as you notice some very specific points about Scouts femininity. You tell the small differences on how the two children will grow up not being the same. Very nice job Madeline it was an engaging video to watch.


  2. I loved how your video really made me pay attention since it was so funny! You really got into your character and like everyone else said, i love your accent. I also really liked you how yelled at Scout and Jem to get out of the street because it helped me connect her back to the book. I love you video!!


  3. Your monologue was so engaging and funny! Your accent was very nice edition to the very well done scene. LOL! Nice job!


  4. I really enjoyed your monologue, because not only was it true to Mrs. Dubose’s character in the book, but it was also very entertaining. The random yelling outbursts, getting the morphine, and passing out were very realistic and true to Mrs. Dubose’s character and I thought you displayed it all very well.


  5. I loved you you became Mrs. Dubose! How you gave her perspective (and probably the other towns people)…It made me think of how Mrs. Dubose is acting in her own house, and how she thinks of the kids/ finch family. Great Job Madeline!!


  6. Your script was very accurate and was played amazingly. The shot of morphine was hilarious. I think you did a great job playing the part.


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