Parents vs. Kids By: Madeline

The article Parents, you’re not doing your kids and favors by being “cool”, talks a lot about parents trying to be like their kids. I completely agree with author Andrew Reiner that parents should just be parents they have already had time in their life to be kids. It is one thing to try and stay current with the drama going on in your child’s school to make sure that they are ok, but it’s another thing to try and be 13 again. Would you want your mom or dad going to Starbucks with you and your friends all the time? I don’t think so. Parents trying to be like their kids is something that is very common around the world right now.

I believe that parents need to be parents and not be like their kids. If parents don’t act like parents kids won’t know what is right or wrong. As much as I hate to say it I would rather have my parents yelling at me and trying to parent me then my mom hanging out with my friends and I. Parents should be parents.


3 thoughts on “Parents vs. Kids By: Madeline

  1. I completely agree because parents are not 13 anymore and they don’t need to be acting like it, and the ones who do are not helping there kids at all.


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