Parents Shouldn’t Try To Be “Cool” by Caitlin

After I read the Washington Post article about parents trying to be “cool” and how it negatively affects their kids, I thought it was a little over-exaggerated. I do agree that it isn’t a good thing that parents try to copy their kids and be young again, but the article made it seem worse than it actually is. I don’t think that this is as big of a problem as the article makes it seem. For example, my mom just likes to act cool and sing along to a song that I like or say phrases that teenagers usually say. But she never takes it to the extreme of setting bad examples or doing things that an adult shouldn’t do. In my opinion, I think that adults should act like adults and not try to relate to their kids because they have had their time as a child and they need to move on. They need to set good examples for their kids and do mature things so that their children can understand what is right from wrong. Adults can be adults and kids can be kids.


6 thoughts on “Parents Shouldn’t Try To Be “Cool” by Caitlin

  1. Hey, Caitlin! I love how you just got straight to the point! It’s great how you put real life situations in your writing too! There is a limit to how far a parent can go from being a parent and being a teenager.


  2. This was really good! You stated your opinion very well, and I agree with you when you said they need to set good examples and that’s so true because kids learn from their parents


  3. It was really well written you made a good argument. It really made me rethink my original opinion. I like you used examples from your own life.


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