My opinion on adults being cool by Carolyn

Parents aren’t supposed to act like snooty kids. They are supposed to act mature and responsible. They are supposed to be the role model of the kids not the reason they are snobs.

Acting Mature. To me and a lot of other people maturity comes from inside you. Immature people do things like annoy people, curse, say they are always right, make fun of a person, and finally making fun of a person after they made fun of you. These may show what immaturity is but what is maturity. Maturity is the exact opposite of immaturity. That means the exact opposite of all of these things.

Acting Responsible. Responsibility is something you have to prove you can use. The thought of responsibility is like being able to take care of your own pet. You need to pay close attention and not get distracted. It is hard and definitely not easy.