Kids and their Parents By: Emma B

Parents think they are “cool” if they are not parents at all and just act like teenagers. I read the article “Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool,” by Andrew Reiner. It is about parents trying to be just like their kids. Two girls were making fun of their teacher and the mom was chiming in. If a mom is making fun of someone with your kids, won’t that make them think it is okay to make fun of someone?

Parents think they are being “cool” if they are just like their kids. Moms are getting Facebook and Instagram trying to be too involved in their children’s lives. Moms trying to be “cool” it comes off as embarrassing and awkward for your kids. If you try to be just like your kids, how will they know right fro wrong.

So, being a “cool” parent doesn’t mean being just like your kids. It, means actually relating to them in a good way. Like, helping them with their homework, or go shopping with them. Being able to relate to your kids is the key to being a “cool” parent


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