After reading Andrew Reiner’s Washington article, I suddenly remembered parents and teens don’t always get along because as a child gets older. When they start to draw away from things that they used to do with their family. Playing and having a lot of conversations with their parents might be one of those things they might grow out of. Parents try to be like their children because they don’t want their children to think of them as old or lame.

Teens or tweens are more drawn toward technology because that’s what they grew up around. Adults on the other hand didn’t have the type of technology as we do, so they have ways to find out trending topics and what’s hip. One of those ways might be on a website, but for some they just do what they see their child does. Also an adult might let their child do whatever they want if there with friends. No matter how hard they try they might still be lame to their children so they want to look good to their friends.

Not every parent gets along with their child and want to get along with them. So they do whatever they can to have the type of relationship with them as they used to have. Their children on the other hand may not want to still want them though. No parent want to be uncool.


6 thoughts on “BE LIKE THE COOL KIDS by Cyrus

  1. You did an outstanding job at showing your opinion about this topic. I find it very interesting and easy to read. The word choice was great as well.


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