Andrew Reiner’s parents article by Drew

The article is called Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” by Andrew Reiner. The article talks about how Andrew was eating at a restaurant when 3 teen age girls and a mom sit down by him. They start to gossip and the mom joins in on it. It also talks about how parents are trying to be cool by acting like their kids. In the end of the article he does what the mother need to do and tell them to clean up the mess and the article was over.

I believe that parents should not try to be cool because a parent has already been a kid and that is how they act when they try to be cool. They sould act like adults they are there to be helpful and teach you the things that school doesn’t.

In conclusion parents should be parents and not act like kids. parents teach your kids everything they need to learn. everyone has a place play your part and don’t change your self for society


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