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My Thoughts on Washington Post Article by Rachael

In Parents you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” by Andrew Reiner it talks about how parents are acting more like a best friend than a parent. In the article there is a parent and her daughter with her friends. They are in a restaurant and the girls were talking about a teacher. One of the girls said that the teacher should lose a few pounds. Her mom said ,” I know right?” Now, if I was a parents or even an adult I would say that’s not right and you shouldn’t say that about people. The mom wanted to be cool so she agreed with the girls. A parent needs to be a parent and not a friend.

Parents vs. Kids By: Madeline

The article Parents, you’re not doing your kids and favors by being “cool”, talks a lot about parents trying to be like their kids. I completely agree with author Andrew Reiner that parents should just be parents they have already had time in their life to be kids. It is one thing to try and stay current with the drama going on in your child’s school to make sure that they are ok, but it’s another thing to try and be 13 again. Would you want your mom or dad going to Starbucks with you and your friends all the time? I don’t think so. Parents trying to be like their kids is something that is very common around the world right now.

I believe that parents need to be parents and not be like their kids. If parents don’t act like parents kids won’t know what is right or wrong. As much as I hate to say it I would rather have my parents yelling at me and trying to parent me then my mom hanging out with my friends and I. Parents should be parents.

Andrew Reiner’s parents article by Drew

The article is called Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” by Andrew Reiner. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/parenting/wp/2014/11/21/parents-youre-not-doing-your-kids-any-favors-by-being-cool/?tid=sm_fb. The article talks about how Andrew was eating at a restaurant when 3 teen age girls and a mom sit down by him. They start to gossip and the mom joins in on it. It also talks about how parents are trying to be cool by acting like their kids. In the end of the article he does what the mother need to do and tell them to clean up the mess and the article was over.

I believe that parents should not try to be cool because a parent has already been a kid and that is how they act when they try to be cool. They sould act like adults they are there to be helpful and teach you the things that school doesn’t.

In conclusion parents should be parents and not act like kids. parents teach your kids everything they need to learn. everyone has a place play your part and don’t change your self for society

My opinion on adults being cool by Carolyn

Parents aren’t supposed to act like snooty kids. They are supposed to act mature and responsible. They are supposed to be the role model of the kids not the reason they are snobs.

Acting Mature. To me and a lot of other people maturity comes from inside you. Immature people do things like annoy people, curse, say they are always right, make fun of a person, and finally making fun of a person after they made fun of you. These may show what immaturity is but what is maturity. Maturity is the exact opposite of immaturity. That means the exact opposite of all of these things.

Acting Responsible. Responsibility is something you have to prove you can use. The thought of responsibility is like being able to take care of your own pet. You need to pay close attention and not get distracted. It is hard and definitely not easy.


After reading Andrew Reiner’s Washington article, I suddenly remembered parents and teens don’t always get along because as a child gets older. When they start to draw away from things that they used to do with their family. Playing and having a lot of conversations with their parents might be one of those things they might grow out of. Parents try to be like their children because they don’t want their children to think of them as old or lame.

Teens or tweens are more drawn toward technology because that’s what they grew up around. Adults on the other hand didn’t have the type of technology as we do, so they have ways to find out trending topics and what’s hip. One of those ways might be on a website, but for some they just do what they see their child does. Also an adult might let their child do whatever they want if there with friends. No matter how hard they try they might still be lame to their children so they want to look good to their friends.

Not every parent gets along with their child and want to get along with them. So they do whatever they can to have the type of relationship with them as they used to have. Their children on the other hand may not want to still want them though. No parent want to be uncool.


Andrew Reader’s Washington Post Article Response by Christian

                   Andrew Reiner’s Washington Post article I think that this article was written to show what parents should do to be cool or more like their kids. I think that parents shouldn’t try to be cool and just be themselves.I also believe that parents would be even more annoying if they were trying to be like us.

                   I also think this article misses the point and it amazes me that this is considered cool. As if home schooled kids aren’t perfectly capable of mindless conformity just mindless conformity to a different reference group. Defining yourself as “not cool” or as a responsible parent by the type of clothes you wear is ludicrous. So now, every parent is supposed to wear their pants belly-button high and turn their baseball caps facing front.

                  I think the only solution would be to try and be more understanding of your children. if they can do that then I think that that would be enough.