The Eye of the Outsider by Luci

E. Hinton’s use of eye color descriptions in The Outsiders helps to describe the personalities of people in the book. She uses eye color and hair color to explain how the characters personalities and behavior differ in the book. Each character is different and it is shown through eye color Eye color is one of the most distinct features of a person, and the author’s specific use of them makes it the window to a person’s soul.

Characters in the book whose eyes are described as green or greenish, seem to be the outsiders of the groups. Two examples are Ponyboy and Cherry. Cherry’s eyes are described as just green. Ponyboy describes his eye color as “greenish-gray,” but he wishes they were more grey. I think that the grey in his eyes represents the part of Ponyboy that is tough. Like a stereotypical greaser that gets into fights and steals. The green in his eyes represents the side of him that likes going to movies, drawing pictures, and reading. Cherry’s green eyes represent that she is an outsider like Ponyboy. She and Ponyboy are the only characters in the book that have green eyes, watch sunsets, and don’t fit in with greasers or Socs.

In the Outsiders, the characters with blue eyes are the people who are harsh or mean. The only blue-eyed characters in the book are Dally and Darry. The author describes Darry’s eyes as being “cold as ice.” This symbolizes his personality towards Ponyboy as mean and serious. Unlike Darry, Dally’s blue eyes symbolize his hatred for the world. His eyes are like “blazing ice,” and full of hatred for the world. This shows that Dally is as harsh as winter.

Each character’s eye color is described to represent each of their personalities. Eye color is one the most symbolic pieces of the book. Just the eyes alone can tell the personality and behavior in a character. One color could represent kindness, another color could represent heroism, it can be anything. Whether it’s grey, blue, or green, the eye color described for each character is what truly says who they are.


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