Johnny Cade, The Hero by Melanie

By: Melanie

5584108-256-k62856 In the book The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, Johnny is the main hero. I think that because he saved Ponyboy from being drowned in the fountain by the Socs and he saved all the kids from the burning down church. Johnny risked himself to save others, whoever would do that is a true hero in that moment. It doesn’t mean they are wonderful people all the time, but at that moment that are heroes. The definition of a hero is, “A person, typically a man, who is admired for courage and or noble qualities.” My definition of a hero is, “They are people that are very brave, and courageous. A hero can be a man or a woman.” When Johnny dies, instead of thinking for himself and feeling sorry for himself he was focused on thinking of others. For an example, when Johnny wrote that note for Ponyboy that helped Ponyboy motivate himself to “stay gold”.

Other people in the world have images in their head on what a hero actually is. They are people that are selfless, and always thinking of others. When people think of a hero, they think of firefighters, policemen, soldiers, etc. The book also talks about Johnny being like the pet to the group and a person they all liked. Johnny just had something special about himself that everybody liked. Johnny has so many different personalities, selfless, fearless, and passionate. When Johnny saw Ponyboy being drowned in the fountain by the Socs he stabbed them to save his friend. He was very scared but in order to save himself and Ponyboy he had to do that. What probably would have happened if he didn’t would be if Ponyboy had died drowning then the Socs then would go and kill Johnny, so thanks to himself he saved Ponyboy and him.

Also when Johnny ran into the burning down church, he did it without any hesitation. He knew the children inside were in danger and needed help so he just did what was right. Johnny’s actions were extremely heroic, shoving Ponyboy through the window at the last second. He saved his friend, and in the process, sacrificed himself. Saving those kids really did show us how much he cares about everyone else, most the time he doesn’t care about himself.