Icons in the 1960’s by Sean

The Outsiders in the 1960’s

In The Outsiders by S.E Hinton Elvis Presley and The Beatles are both big cultural icons for the two cliques. The Greasers were influenced by Elvis because he was a rebel and only spent money on himself, which then led to teenagers doing the same thing. Elvis influenced the teens in good and bad ways. Elvis wore very interesting clothing and the teenagers decided to copy him. Elvis wasn’t exactly a normal artist or actually a man either. He had lost his parents at a young age and had to make do with who he had. For example he would consider everyone he got to know really well family. This is just like the Greasers because most of them didn’t have parents and some that did, didn’t really like them. This is why the Greasers consider all of them to be family.

The Beatles were also a huge cultural icon especially for the socs. The Beatles dressed neatly with suits and ties and had their hair nice and combed. This led to the socs adapting to the Beatles and wearing what they wore. The Beatles also did have parents and their parents gave them pretty much everything that they wanted. This is just like the socs who get whatever they want from their parents while the parents really don’t care.



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